Best apple watch portable charger 2021

It has been almost a year and a half since Tim Cook received a standing ovation at the presentation of new Apple products on April 24, 2015. He said only three words “One more thing”, and the audience did not allow him to continue for several minutes. After some time, the product went on sale, and the opinions of users were divided.

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Some users selflessly assure that this product is indispensable for daily use, especially if your main phone is an iPhone, while others attack them with harsh criticism. There are features in the Apple Watch that no one questions, and the discrepancies are caused only by the price of the device. For example, good fitness features, but their disadvantage is the price of the device. In the end, FitBit, Jawbone and even Xiaomi are well suited for these purposes, the younger models of which are several times cheaper. No less fierce controversy is caused by the very fact of an electronic device on the wrist and its opposition to a classic watch. In this vein, doubts sound that someday such an accessory will be able to replace a classic expensive watch. But this argument is gradually reduced to naught by the fact that the recognized leaders of the mechanical watch market are beginning to offer their own solutions in this area. The simplest example is the presentation of smartwatches from Tag Heuer.

Thus, despite the disagreement among users on many aspects of the Apple Watch, the hottest controversy is the battery life. Very often you can come across complaints about their short operating time. At the same time, those who say this say that this is the only moment that prevents them from buying a smart watch, and add that they will definitely buy it when they work for at least a week. At the same time, of those who have already bought an Apple Watch, few argue that the watch is almost always enough for two days of average daily use, which is enough to put them not somewhere in the evening, but on a charging station, and not think about it. But still, there are different cases, and for these purposes, manufacturers have long learned to make portable power supplies for an apple wrist accessory, which we will talk about today.

Apple portable charger

The relevance of a bulky PowerBank may raise doubts, when, in extreme cases, you can simply connect a watch with a wire to a previously purchased one, especially since many of us bought them for ourselves long ago. Manufacturers are also not stupid people and think over their actions before releasing a new product. Therefore, many have equipped their sources of life-giving power for any gadget with connectors for charging the phone. This solution has its pros and cons. At the same time, each manufacturer has its own pros and cons, but we will dwell on them in more detail when considering each specific device.

Apple portable phone charger

It’s hard to give a clear preference, but GlearGrass’s Amber solution looks very interesting. Firstly, it is not only an external battery for charging Apple Watch and iPhone, but also a box for transportation. For charging, the original charger from the Apple Watch itself is used, which is neatly packed in a special compartment, and then everything is standard: I put the watch, and charging went. The inner surface of the box is finished with soft plastic, which will prevent damage to the watch case, and also has recesses for the button and Digital Crown, which in turn contributes to a clearer fixation of the watch.

Case thickness is 46.4 mm, and dimensions – 101 mm by 101 mm. The weight is 280 g. The built-in battery capacity is 3800 mAh, which is not so small and will allow you to charge the watch several times or once the iPhone 6 / 6s Plus. Charging itself from 0 to 100%, according to the manufacturer, takes 2.5 hours for both Apple Watch and iPhone 6, and up to 80% takes only an hour and a half.

At the moment, the manufacturer’s website lists models in the colors Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Space Gray. Perhaps the manufacturer will add a matte black color to the line to match the style of the iPhone 7.

The undoubted plus of this accessory is that the watch will not have to be simply thrown into the bag, but can be neatly removed in a beautiful aluminum box, which, by the way, is produced in four colors, repeating the corporate colors of Apple. Also, the pluses include:

the presence of an application that allows you to monitor the charge level, temperature and number of charge / discharge cycles of the built-in battery and the level of “health” of the battery;

the ability to use it as a home charging station that acts as a bridge between the outlet and your devices and allows you to charge Apple Watch and iPhone from it when it is connected to the outlet itself.

Of the minuses, you can find fault with the fact that it will not be possible to set the clock in the form of an alarm clock on the bedside table, as is done on the original portable phone charger.

The cost of the accessory is not the smallest and is $ 99. It is not yet possible to officially order delivery to Russia on the manufacturer’s website, which causes overpricing on the part of local sellers and brings the average price up to 9,000 rubles.

Best apple watch portable charger 2021

A good alternative to Clear grass amber is the GoPower Watch solution from Kanex, which sells cables, powerbanks and other electronics accessories.

This Power Bank is a square pad with a convex washer for charging Apple Watch, but it also supports iPhone charging. The dimensions of the device are 78 x 81.8 x 25.4 mm, weight is 140 g, while it is equipped with a 4000 mAh battery that can charge Apple Watch several times and iPhone once or twice. The dimensions and capacity of the battery look more preferable than those of the Amber, but at the same time, the usability raises some questions, since it will no longer be possible to charge the watch by putting it in a bag, and charging can be done only when installed on a horizontal surface.

The device is officially certified by Apple under the MFi program, which makes this accessory stand out from many peers. At the same time, it is separately noted on the manufacturer’s website that GoPower Watch supports all Apple Watch specifications, regardless of model, as well as any other iPhone, iPod and other mobile devices.

As for the cost, at the moment the manufacturer’s website lists the price of $ 99. Due to the fact that the accessory was presented relatively recently, they have not yet begun to supply it in large quantities to Russia.

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Against the background of the batteries described above with quite impressive dimensions, the next option looks very tiny, since its dimensions are modest 4 x 4 x 3.2 mm with 68 grams of weight. Sure, size does matter, and when it comes to portable power supplies, being smaller is undoubtedly an advantage, but miracles do not happen and everything comes at a price. In this case, you will have to pay with a smaller built-in battery, which in this model is only 1300 mAh. Not enough, of course, but for a couple of charges of “smart” watches from Apple should be enough. Of course, in this case, we don’t even have to talk about the possible charging of a phone or other gadget, except for the watch itself, for which the device was designed.

If you think that 1300 mAh is prohibitively small for you, then perhaps the manufacturer has provided a solution that will interest you more, since in its arsenal there is also a device with slightly larger dimensions, but at the same time with a large battery, as well as the ability to charge your phone. ZENS Apple iPhone / Watch Powerbank Black has dimensions of 13.5 x 4 x 1.7, which, of course, is larger than that of the younger model, but the user has as much as 4000 mAh at his disposal, which, of course, will not allow going on a month-long hike. , but it will be able to fully charge the iPhone and Apple Watch, which is quite a lot for those who want to have a spare power source with them for daily use.

Both devices are MFi-certified and are priced at $ 49 for the Apple Watch-only model and $ 69 for a versatile model that can breathe a few extra hours of life into an iPhone. Unfortunately, the models do not differ in the variety of colors, white and gray colors are provided for the compact version, and only black for its “big brother”. In any case, both PowerBanks are a good option if the user needs a similar device, but does not want to carry bulky models with him.

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Of course, there are other external batteries, originally adapted for use with the Apple Watch, but there are still quite a few of them on the Russian market. There are several reasons for this. The main ones are the relatively small number of apple watch users in our country, and the rather high cost, and the general lack of demand among not even only Russians, but at the same time, many would still not refuse to always have a certain amount of energy with them, just in case.