A selection of the best portable batteries

It is not necessary for a modern person to carry a case on an iPhone. He may not need a smartwatch. But if his smartphone is low, the whole day immediately goes downhill. Not tired of living in front of an outlet?

Portable batteries are a must have for everyone. It just should, period. We tested a wagon of external “batteries” and decided to collect a selection of the best options. Most of them are inexpensive and will work great as a gift, including to yourself.

  1. XIAOMI Mi Power Bank

At night, the owners of Mi Power Bank confess their love to the battery. Some sleep with him in an embrace, take him with them on romantic trips or trust their innermost at long business meetings. They can be understood. The aluminum case, high-quality assembly and cool design in the style of Apple technology – these things could just as well have been produced by the guys from Cupertino.

Inside the battery are high quality power cells from LG and Samsung, making this charger one of the most efficient on the market. You can rely on XIAOMI Power Bank, regardless of capacity. For three months of use, I have not found a single flaw, and this is a rarity. And it is also very cheap: for example, the version for 10,400 milliamps will cost only one and a half to two thousand rubles. You can charge four iPhone 6s or the recently released iPad Air 2 from scratch!

Why it is worth buying: the best option in terms of the ratio of all characteristics.

  1. OZAKI O! Tool D26

Any OZAKI accessory has a unique charm. O! Tool D26 is like a robot from Japanese anime cartoons, except for walking and talking. Such a thing can be safely put on a shelf, and not hidden in a closet from prying eyes. Checked: in crowded places, the sight of this battery charging an iPhone provokes surprised looks and even bold questions.

Inside the quirky little thing is a 2600 mAh battery, which is enough to fully charge all iPhones, except for the Plus (it will be powered by about 70%). I want to note in advance that in the photographs this battery seems larger than it actually is: to fit it in the palm of your hand or in your pocket is a trifling matter. I confidently give him first place in the nomination for the brightest gift of the best portable batteries. Not suitable for iPad.

Why Buy: A fun item and a great gift.

  1. Hoox Magic Stone

I can’t forget this battery and one day I’ll just buy it myself. It’s not even that it has 6000 mAh, or that it is equipped with two USB ports at once – with different output power for different types of devices. It just looks great: juicy like candy, well assembled and of high quality.

There are tons of different color variations of this battery on the market, as well as devices suspiciously similar to it from Lepow. Yellow, as for me, came out the coolest. One way or another, the capacity of the battery in this “battery” is fully consistent with the declared one. For example, the iPhone 6 can be fully charged three times, and the iPad can be charged about half. It is a pity that the case is prone to scratches and after a while it loses its original charm.

Why buy: Decent capacity and striking design.

  1. Yoobao Mytour Power Bank YB-658 + Wi-Fi

It is advisable to carry the battery with you at all times. But a mobile router is not. Both may be needed suddenly. To ensure that you and others are connected to the Network, you can purchase this hybrid battery from Yoobao. A SIM-card is inserted here, the Internet connection in which is “distributed” to everyone around through the Wi-Fi module in the “battery”. You can even plug in an Ethernet cable if you want.

In addition, the Yoobao Mytour can easily power any modern device and charge it from zero to 100%. We have no complaints about the quality of the batteries. For this factor, YooBao is often ranked on a par with Xiaomi. But the body of the device, of course, is not so hot: white plastic, standard shape – in general, a minimum of design. Treat this option as a useful two-in-one travel tool.

Why you should buy: a router and a battery in one case.

  1. Yoobao Magic Box Power Bank YB-655 Pro

The name of this model is exactly like the new budget smartphone from Samsung. Which is in vain, because the list of battery advantages is well, very worthy. The 13000 mAh capacity is a claim for versatility supported by a set of cables / adapters for a variety of devices. The full charge time of this “battery” is less than that of most others: only 8 hours, that is, one night. As for me, the design is again rustic: again rough plastic and hello to China in general.

And if one day the lights in the house are turned off, just turn on the flashlight in the housing. 22 days of work – you can wait out any man-made disaster 🙂

Why buy: a set of adapters and a long-playing flashlight.

  1. Powertraveller Powermonkey Extreme

A portable battery is good not only in the city, but also in nature: fishing, hunting, the sea, in the forest with tents, and so on. If you do not want to worry about the safety and performance of the “battery”, pay attention to the Powermonkey series and, in particular, the Extreme model. In its set – all possible adapters and adapters, as well as a bag for carrying them. There’s even a solar powered platform!

The body is rubberized, with plugs in all necessary places. There is decent protection against moisture, drops and everything else. This is the second battery in my arsenal that I use regularly. The only pity is that for a year and a half, for some reason, it stopped charging up to 100% according to the indicator and clearly began to “hand over” the total capacity, that is, to discharge faster. If you take it, remember that Powertraveller has models cheaper than this one, just without additional gadgets in the package.

Why Buy: A nearly indestructible battery for survival.

  1. HyperJuice

A series of batteries popular in Russia with a peculiar design. The chip is bright colors and a bizarre metal case. Except for design issues, this is otherwise a pretty standard battery. I would like to note a positive point regarding the quality of the hardware: there are good battery cells here, so the capacity really corresponds to the official one. In addition, the manufacturer allegedly took care to exclude the possibility of a short circuit or overheating. I don’t think it will come to that.