Top 7 best wireless phone chargers

Imagine: you don’t have to connect the cable from the plugged-in unit to your gadget every time, carefully aiming at a tiny connector. As a result, you DO NOT loosen the socket, and around it microscopic scratches and abrasions do NOT appear on the body. Yes, if you have ever used it, then you definitely know how convenient it is. A smartphone or other gadget is charged without connecting a cable: you just leave the device on a kind of stand. Do you want such a super thing? Our ranking of the best wireless chargers will help you make the right choice among the huge range of models on the market.

Why are wireless chargers convenient?

With wireless charging, you simply place your smartphone on the designated pad. If at this moment someone calls you, just pick up the phone, talk and return the phone to its place. In this case, you do not need to disconnect and connect the cable. Wireless headphones and smart watches are charged in the same way. The main thing is to make sure before buying a device whether your smartphone or other gadget supports wireless charging.

In this top, we evaluated wireless chargers in terms of their power, functionality, cooling system performance, usability, packaging, and overall price-performance ratio. Functionality here means the availability of the Quick / Fast Charge option and other features. Cooling can be passive and active, but we evaluated other aspects of it: efficiency and quietness. And the score for the complete set was set depending on the availability of a standard adapter and cable to the wireless charger.

Xiaomi ZMI WTX10 – affordable wireless charging

Inexpensive charger from a famous Chinese brand. It costs about 1200 rubles, although it is assembled very well. The body is made of aluminum alloy, and on the front there is durable glass. On the side there is a connector for connecting a USB Type-C cable (included in the kit).

The charger is made in the form of a thin “tablet” with a diameter of about 9 cm and a thickness of only 7 mm. The output power is 9 W, which is enough to power any smartphones that support the Qi standard. One of the interesting features of the Xiaomi ZMI WTX10 is the fast charging function.

This model provides protection against overheating, short circuit and overvoltage. If you place a metal object (scissors, paper clips, etc.) on the stand, the charger will not turn on. In other words, it automatically recognizes when a smartphone, watch or other gadget that supports wireless charging is placed on the site. There is an indicator on the Xiaomi ZMI WTX10 case. When it lights up red, it means that the gadget was placed unevenly on the site and its position needs to be corrected.

Xiaomi ZMI WTX10 advantages

  • Laconic design and compact size
  • Overheating and short circuit protection
  • Fast charging function
  • Cable and adapter included
  • Disadvantages Xiaomi ZMI WTX10
  • The smartphone must be positioned strictly in the center
  • The glass surface is slippery, so vibration may cause the smartphone to slide off the stand
  • Short cable

Our assessment of Xiaomi ZMI WTX10: average score – 8

  • Power – 7/10
  • Functionality – 7/10
  • Cooling – 8/10
  • Options – 10/10
  • Design and usability – 7/10
  • Price / quality – 9/10

Samsung EP-P1100 Wireless Charger – Simple and Reliable Device

This is another inexpensive wireless charger in the form of a “tablet”, but this time from the Korean brand Samsung. The device is compatible with all phones supporting the Qi standard. For users of smartphones and other Samsung gadgets, the Fast Charge function is also available.

Charging station diameter – 88 mm. You can carry it with you in a small bag, because the device is not only compact, but also lightweight: it weighs only 58 grams. The output power is 10 watts. Like most similar branded gadgets, it has overheating and short circuit protection. Therefore, you can safely leave smartphones and other gadgets on charge unattended.

The Samsung EP-P1100 case is made of matte plastic. There is a soft elastic band on the surface, thanks to which the smartphone does not slip even when vibrated. There is an indicator on the case, which is lit in two colors: red indicates the charging process, and green indicates its completion.

The device is connected to the charging block via a USB Type-C cable, but it is not included in the package. It is also necessary to purchase the block itself.

Samsung EP-P1100 advantages

  • Fast charging function (for Samsung devices)
  • Anti-slip elastic
  • Short circuit and overheating protection
  • Two-color charge indicator
  • Disadvantages of Samsung EP-P1100
  • No cable included
  • The phone only charges when you put it in the middle

Our Samsung EP-P1100 score: 7.1 average

  • Power – 8/10
  • Functionality – 7/10
  • Cooling – 7/10
  • Options – 8/10
  • Design and usability – 7/10
  • Price / quality – 6/10

Huawei CP61 – wireless charger for phone with original design

This charger model, like the previous ones, has the shape of a “tablet”. The body is made of plastic, covered with dense gray fabric. There are also some rubber inserts on the surface. They prevent even phones with a glass back from sliding off.

Huawei CP61 has a record output power in its segment – 27 W. Fast charging is provided and works with all supported devices. The only drawback is the rather noisy operation of the fan, which can be heard at night. Also, this device has a fairly high price (compared to the two previous ones) – about 3000 rubles.

The charger is equipped with overheating and short circuit protection. If you put any metal object (keys, coins) on the stand, it will not turn on. The set includes a cable for connecting the device to an adapter or USB connector of a computer / laptop.

  • Benefits of Huawei CP61
  • Original design thanks to fabric cover
  • Record power
  • Detection of foreign metal objects
  • Cable included
  • Disadvantages of Huawei CP61
  • Noisy cooling fan
  • Costs over 3000 rubles

Our Huawei CP61 score: 7.5 average

  • Power – 10/10
  • Functionality – 7/10
  • Cooling – 6/10
  • Options – 8/10
  • Design and usability – 7/10
  • Price / quality – 7/10

Charger for Multiple Gadgets – Samsung EP-P6300

This 2020 wireless charger has a 10W power output. The device received a rather massive plastic case (white or black) with a soft-touch coating. There are two platforms on top: a large one for placing a smartphone or headphones, a small one for a smart watch. Each zone is marked with corresponding pictograms. If you wish, you can even place two smartphones on the platform or a phone, watch and headphones at the same time.

The Samsung EP-P6300 case contains 6 induction coils, which provide efficient charging of any gadgets supporting the Qi standard. The device recharges smartphones in cases with a wall thickness of less than 3 mm.

There are three indicators on the body of the device. When red is on, charging is in progress. If it blinks, you need to change the position of the gadget. When the battery is fully charged, the green indicator lights up. An important advantage of the Samsung EP-P6300 is the presence of a 25 W adapter in the kit. It also includes a meter cable.

Samsung EP-P6300 advantages

  • Ability to charge multiple gadgets at the same time
  • Quiet operation
  • The presence of an adapter and cable included
  • Pleasant to the touch and practical soft-touch coating
  • Disadvantages of Samsung EP-P6300
  • High price (about 5000 rubles)
  • Only 10W output power

Our Samsung EP-P6300 score: 8.5 average

  • Power – 8/10
  • Functionality – 8/10
  • Cooling – 8/10
  • Options – 10/10
  • Design and usability – 10/10
  • Price / quality – 7/10

Google Pixel Stand – a functional gadget with a stylish design

Pixel Stand is an expensive but functional wireless charging station for smartphones. The high price is offset by extensive features, such as full voice control or connection to the Google Home system. For wireless charging to become part of a smart home, you need to install the app of the same name on your smartphone. This allows access to various functions when the phone is placed on the cradle, for example:

  • the display shows the call on the video intercom,
  • the phone shows a photo from the album when charging,
  • the station is connected to smart speakers.

The charger looks quite stylish, it is made in white. The base has non-slip pads and the phone sits on a tilt stand. It also has several interesting features: for example, you can set up a light alarm that will help you wake up calmly without loud annoying sounds.

  • Benefits of Google Pixel Stand
  • Lots of features for Google smartphones
  • Stylish design
  • Built-in alarm clock
  • Flexible settings with Google Assistant
  • Disadvantage of Google Pixel Stand
  • Very high price for wireless chargers (about 7000 rubles)

Our Pixel Stand score: 9 average

  • Power – 8/10
  • Functionality – 10/10
  • Cooling – 8/10
  • Options – 10/10
  • Design and usability – 10/10
  • Price / quality – 8/10

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Pad with a Minimal Design

Another wireless charger from a Chinese manufacturer that entered our top. It looks like a compact flat smartphone stand. Quick Charge support provides fast battery charging: up to 50% in just over half an hour. The maximum output power of the device is 10 W. There are all the necessary types of protection: from short circuit, overheating, accidental activation when placing foreign metal objects on the surface.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Pad costs less than 1,500 rubles, comes with a cable, but without an adapter.

  • Benefits of Mi Wireless Charging Pad
  • Compact size and modern design
  • Affordable price
  • Fast charging function
  • Anti-slip pads
  • Cable included
  • Disadvantages of Mi Wireless Charging Pad
  • Heats up while charging the smartphone
  • Dust adheres to the rubberized surface

Our Mi Wireless Charging Pad score: 7.3 average

  • Power – 8/10
  • Functionality – 7/10
  • Cooling – 6/10
  • Options – 8/10
  • Design and usability – 8/10
  • Price / quality – 7/10

Skyway Energy Fast – “wooden” wireless charger

The latest wireless charger in our rating has an original design, but fits into any interior. Its body is made in the form of a stand on which the phone is placed at a certain angle. The device works with all smartphones that support the Qi standard.

The maximum output power of Skyway Energy Fast is 10 W. There is a fast charging function Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. During operation, the charging does not heat up much, although there is no active cooling. This is an advantage as nothing makes noise or discomfort, for example when you sleep.

  • Benefits of Skyway Energy Fast
  • Stylish design
  • Quiet operation
  • Well-assembled body
  • Possibility of placing the phone horizontally or vertically
  • Disadvantages of Skyway Energy Fast
  • No adapter included
  • No active cooling

Our assessment of Skyway Energy Fast: average score – 7.5

  • Power – 8/10
  • Functionality – 7/10
  • Cooling – 7/10
  • Options – 8/10
  • Design and usability – 9/10
  • Price / quality – 6/10

Results of the rating of wireless chargers

Samsung EP-P6300 and Google Pixel Stand rightfully occupy the leading places, as these wireless chargers are the most advanced and functional of all. Both have only one drawback – the high price. However, it is offset by the rest of the benefits. If you just need a good wireless charger for one smartphone and without additional functions, you can safely buy the Xiaomi ZMI WTX10 or, by overpaying a little, take the Huawei CP61 with a record maximum power.

All considered wireless chargers work stably without causing problems for smartphone users. More budgetary analogs can be found on sale, but savings often go sideways. Such a device may not have protection against overheating or short-circuiting, or it will operate on any metal object accidentally hitting the surface. In addition, cheap Chinese gadgets rarely give out the declared voltage, which is why the charging process takes a very long time.