What are the external batteries

Power banks that can be purchased on the modern market are divided into:

  • large – with a capacity from 12 to 20,000 mAh;
  • medium – the most demanded (capacity lying in the range of 5-10 thousand mAh);
  • small (their capacity does not exceed 5000 mAh).

Devices belonging to the first category are notable for their considerable size. These weighty bricks will help out those whose lives are connected with long journeys. Some models of such PowerBanks are equipped with solar panels so that the power bank itself can be recharged in the absence of electricity.

The mass of devices belonging to the category of “medium” is rarely more than 300 grams, and their capacity is quite enough to support the charging of mobile gadgets for several days (tablet or phone).

External portable batteries in the small category are designed for children and women, which is reflected in their appearance.

What to look for when choosing an external battery

It is clear that the main criterion when buying PowerBank is the battery capacity (and, accordingly, the size of the gadget itself). It is desirable that the first parameter be as large as possible, the second as small. The higher the capacity of the power bank, the more charges the phone can provide.

An important role (especially for women) is the appearance and quality of the body material. But the price, although it matters, but chasing it is not the most reasonable decision, since the popularity of accessories has led to the fact that a lot of fakes have appeared, the parameters of which do not correspond to the declared ones. Besides, such a cheap device can ruin the phone. You can distinguish the original from the Chinese counterfeit by the absence of a logo and markings on the latter.

In addition to the parameters already listed, it is important to pay attention to the charging current when choosing an external power source: the higher this indicator, the sooner the phone will charge.

Important: Many models have several connectors, which allows you to connect not one, but several devices to them at the same time. Such connectors, as a rule, differ in the magnitude of the charging current, which makes it possible for the user to choose the most optimal one for a particular electronic device.

It is recommended to inquire about charging the PowerBank itself. More often it comes from the network (for inexpensive models), which is not very convenient.

In expensive models, a more advanced method is used – via USB, which makes it possible to charge the gadget through a computer.

The design of the power bank may contain other useful (but not at all necessary) elements such as an LED flashlight, a liquid crystal indicator, etc., which make the use of a portable gadget more comfortable.

Correct use of the power bank

To increase the service life of PowerBank, you must follow the recommendations for its use:

  • after buying a gadget, you need to “swing” it, like any other rechargeable battery, ie. achieve maximum charging;
  • If the battery is purchased in the winter season, it must be kept in a warm room for at least an hour before turning it on. Only then can you start the charging procedure.
  • after 100% charging, the battery should be discharged by connecting a source of energy consumption to it (smartphone, tablet, etc.);
  • the cycle, often called “training”, is desirable to carry out from 3 to 4 times;
  • each subsequent recharge should be brought to 100%, so as not to shorten the life of the gadget and not reduce the battery capacity due to the “memory effect”;
  • if the device has not been used for some time, it should be stored in an incompletely discharged state, but also not fully charged. The optimal level of charge is sufficient when storing 50-60%;

Important: Do not forget about the self-discharge of the battery, i.e. loss of up to 5% charge within two weeks. A battery that is not in use should be checked periodically and recharged if necessary.

  • do not allow direct sunlight or water to fall on the bank;
  • it is better not to use the gadget at too low temperatures and excessively high;

Do not hit or drop batteries.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 10000 (PLM12ZM)

We’ve all had cases when phone batteries were discharged at the most inopportune moment. To exclude such cases, it is worth getting the Xiaomi Mi Power 3 portable battery.


The device is produced in classic black and silver. The body material is lightweight and durable aluminum, resistant to mechanical damage. Its polished surface retains its original attractiveness for a long time. Despite the seeming simplicity, every detail is brought to full perfection, and the edges, processed on a CNC machine, add elegance. The case is decorated with a single inscription on the end surface, applied by silk-screen printing.

In a word, Power Bank looks impressive, but this is not its main advantage. With its help, in the absence of electricity, mobile gadgets can be recharged quite quickly.

It is equipped with a 10 thousand mAh polymer lithium battery. The peculiarity of such batteries is that, while in sleep mode, they retain their charge for a long time. Considering that the phones have batteries, the capacity of which rarely exceeds 4000 mAh, it is guaranteed to recharge the phone 2-3 times or 2 gadgets at once, since the external battery has three USB ports. One-Type-C works on both input and output. Its current strength is 2.4 A. Using it, you can actually finish a full charge of your phone, smart watch, fitness bracelet and other mobile devices in 4 hours. The micro-USB port has less power – 10W, so recharging will take 6 hours.

An important feature of the considered PowerBank is support for pass-through charging, i.e. it can simultaneously charge the battery of the power bank and the electronic device connected to it. The level of the remaining charge is easy to determine by the indicator located next to the ports.

Detailed specifications

  • The number of ports is 3 pcs. (USB Type, microUSB, USB Type-A);
  • Functions – simultaneous recharging of 2 devices, fast charging, protection against possible overload, overheating, short circuit;
  • Current – 1.5-3.0 A;
  • Built-in battery type – lithium polymer 10000 mAh;
  • Indicator – LED;
  • Dimensions – 14.2x147x71.2 mm;
  • Body material – aluminum.


  • Small size;
  • Large capacity;
  • High quality;
  • A lot of sweats;
  • Fast charging.


  • Not moisture resistant;
  • There is no instruction in Russian.